Lake City Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and LUMS Sign MOU to Support LUMS National Outreach Programme

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Lake City Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and LUMS signed an MOU on February 15, 2018 at LUMS to support the University’s National Outreach Programme (NOP). To strengthen the relationship, The Lake City Holdings have agreed to sponsor 20 NOP Scholars every year.

Through this support, not only will Lake City benefit LUMS, but reflects a very positive gesture by the organisation showing its willingness to play a constructive role in society. Mr. Gohar Ejaz, CEO of Lake City Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is very active in philanthropic activities and this is yet another initiative taken by him to create a positive impact in society.

Prof. Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi appreciated the efforts that The Lake City Holdings has put in to support LUMS NOP Scholars. He further added that these kind of support and donations from corporations like The Lake City Holdings would help LUMS to keep their promise alive of need blind admission. He thanked Mr. Ejaz for his support and hoped that this support will strengthen with the passage of time and that LUMS and Lake City Holdings together will pave a path for quality education in Pakistan.

Mr. Ejaz thanked the audience for attending this MOU Signing Ceremony. He emphasised that health and education are the two most important things lacking in Pakistan and Lake City Holdings has committed to improve them. Mr. Ejaz further elaborated that he has also created a dialysis centre in Jinnah Hospital that is fully operational and offers free dialysis treatment people from underprivileged background. Meanwhile, to cater to the need of education, he has chosen LUMS since LUMS is considered the centre of excellence in Pakistan.

He also added that Lake City Holdings always believe that they should pay back to society and must bring a positive change. “We are starting a new Journey with LUMS by sponsoring 20 deserving students who can achieve their dreams. We believe that LUMS has the potential to become the next Harvard and MIT of Pakistan,” said Mr. Ejaz at the ceremony.