Lifetime Learning @LUMS Conducts Session 6 Demo Session

Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 5am

By offering exciting short courses every session, the Lifetime Learning @LUMS (LLL) Programme is helping hundreds of people broaden their horizons!

Registrations for LLL Session 6 opened in June, 2018. The Department introduced some brand new courses this time around including Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, Front-End Web Development, Architecture and 3D Visualisation, Promote Your Product, and ERP Solutions. The Department was delighted to receive an overwhelming response from the public once again. 

With hundreds of enrollments already received, the Department organised a Free, Open to Public Demo Session on July 6, 2018. At this Demo Session, the instructors demonstrated what their courses are all about. These attendees were also able to enjoy live performances and presentations, followed by an interactive networking session, whereby they engaged in one-on-one discussions with the faculty to ask questions about their courses.

They also familiarised themselves with the instructors and about essential information about their courses. People ranging from all walks of life, including students, housewives, managers and grandparents came together under one roof, to learn something they are passionate about.

Registrations for Lifetime Learning @LUMS Session 6 are open for another week and the classes will be commencing July 23, 2018 onwards.