Lifetime Learning @LUMS Conducts a Two-day Organic Gardening Workshop

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 5am

Gardening is an activity that is not only an enjoyable excercise, but a good source of calcium when exposed to sun, decreases dementia risks. Besides, it gives you a colourful garden and number of options of fresh vegetables for your daily meals.

Lifetime Learning @LUMS conducted a two-day Organic Gardening Workshop from November 10-11, 2018. The workshop was led by Ms. Zahra Zaidi who is a sustainability enthusiast and a self-taught gardener who experiments with horticulture as a hobby.

A decent number of participants attended the workshop with a commendable diversity among them. The class was very interactive considering most of them already had experience of gardening in their own home spaces. Ms. Zaidi was spontaneous with answering all the misgivings the participants had about growing their own vegetables.

Moreover, the tips and tricks shared by the instructor were quite useful for creating a potager brimming with wholesome vegetables, flowers and herbs.

The workshop commenced with a two-hour long theory-based introduction of the various gardening tools, types and techniques. Some real life experiences were also shared in the class by the instructor to facilitate better understanding among the participants.

Later on, the participants were introduced to the garden located near the Lifetime Learning @LUMS Office, where they were given a hands-on experience on various home-grown vegetables, like cherry tomatoes, green chillies, a few other seasonal vegetables and flowers like petunia. During the practical, Ms. Zaidi took the opportunity to teach her students numerous gardening hacks that caught everybody’s attention.

It was an interesting workshop which provided the students with an opportunity to magnify their experience of growing several vegetables and flowers in their own designated home spaces that can be picked fresh for the table.