Lifetime Learning @LUMS Session 4: Registrations Open!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lifetime Learning @LUMS is thrilled to announce that registrations for Session 4 are now open. If you happened to miss the amazing first three sessions, then this is your chance to enrol and be a part of the exciting Lifetime Learning @LUMS journey.

Through the session, a diverse variety of 4-6 weeks intensive short courses are being introduced this winter. These will include academic as well as interest-based courses, and participants will be awarded a Graduation Certificate from LUMS upon the successful completion of their course.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, and become one of the enthusiastic Lifetime Learning @LUMS participants who get to celebrate their passion with us from January to March 2018.

Lifetime Learning @LUMS Session 4 is offering the following courses:

1. Introduction to Psychology
2. Goal Setting and Planning Skills
3. Chinese Language (Mandarin)
4. German Language
5. Arabic Language
6. Event Management: Experiential Marketing and Consumer Engagement
7. Painting through Different Mediums
8. Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals
9. Creative Writing vs. Screenwriting
10. A Journey through the World of Design, Clothing and Textile
11. Kathak Dance
12. Ecommerce and Web Development
13. Content Writing and Editing for Journalism
14. Graphic Design
15. Advertising 101: Print, Outdoor and Digital
16. Nutrition and Wellness
17. Film Making
18. Astronomy: A Guided Tour of the Universe
19. Arabic Calligraphy
20. Artisan Baking
21. Basics of English Language
22. Piano
23. Flute
24. Singing
25. Photography 101: Welcome to the World of Photography
26. Cyber Security Fundamentals

Special discounts for the entire LUMS community:

• 10% Early Bird Discount

• 20% off to the LUMS community i.e. LUMS Students, LUMS Alumni, Staff, Faculty and LLL Alumni

• 20% off to LUMS community members’ family i.e. their spouses and children

• Group discount such that if 2 candidates apply you get 10% off each, if 3 apply you get 15% off each, and if more than 3 apply you get 20% off each.

* Please note that compound discounts are not applicable, and if you are eligible for two discounts then only the greater discount offering will apply.


For more information, please visit or give a call on UAN: 111-11-LUMS (5867) Ext: 4469, 4470, 4471.

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