Lifetime Learning @LUMS Session 5 Commences

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

By offering exciting short courses every session, the Lifetime Learning @ LUMS programme is helping hundreds of people from the wider community broaden their horizons! Registrations for Session 5 opened in March, 2018. The department introduced some brand new courses including Food Outlet Management, Saving and Investing for Beginners, Interior Design and Video Content for Electronic Media, and was delighted to receive an overwhelming response from the public.

With hundreds of enrolments already received, the department organised a Free, Open to Public, Demo Session on March 30, 2018. At this Demo Session, the instructors demonstrated what their courses are all about. The attendees at the session enjoyed live performances and presentations, followed by an interactive networking session, whereby they engaged in one-on-one discussions with the faculty.

Later on, once the enrolment cycle drew to a close with around 400 participants enrolled in 26 different courses, the Lifetime Learning @LUMS team then organised an Orientation Session prior to the classes. Through this orientation, the participants were introduced to the intricacies of the Lifetime Learning @LUMS programme, and provided with the guidelines to help them during their courses. They also familiarised themselves with the instructors and the ins and outs of their courses.

Classes for Lifetime Learning @LUMS Session 5 are now in progress. The team hopes that these participants have a great experience, enriched with learning and enthusiasm!