Lifetime Learning @LUMS Session 6 Registrations Open Now

Monday, June 11, 2018

Lifetime Learning @LUMS Session 6 Registrations Open Now

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Lifetime Learning @LUMS is delighted to announce that registrations for the most anticipated Summer Session are now open. With a multitude of amazing short courses that are bound to enhance your life and career, with a top-notch faculty, we invite you to join us for a fun and productive summer.

A year ago, the Lifetime Learning @LUMS initiative was launched by LUMS to bring the community together and encourage them to pursue their passion. Within this remarkable year, more than 1500 LLL Alumni from all walks of life participated in the 50+ short courses launched and became a part of a beautiful journey of self-discovery and learning! Many of these Alumni are now pursuing their interests in various fields.

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We encourage you to enrol before the limited slots fill up.
Apply right now to avail the 10% Early Bird Discount!

The fascinating courses being offered in LLL Session 6 are:

Arts & Lifestyle Courses
1. Astronomy by Roshaan Bukhari
2. Architecture and 3D Visualization by Fasih Khan
3. Basics of Acting by Adeel Hashmi
4. Design, Clothing and Textile by Sahar Atif
5. Interior Design by Khurram Zeeshan
6. Painting by R.M. Naeem
7. Photography 101 by Aliza & Waqar
8. Filmmaking by Alyzay Sultan Ali
9. Organic Gardening Workshop by Zara Zaydi
10. Crafts & Stitching Workshop by Fareeda Majid

Professional Courses
11. Advertising 101: Print, Outdoor and Digital by Muhammad Usman
12. Event Management by Saad Khan
13. Fundamentals of Family Law by Dr. Zubair Abbasi
14. Promote your product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn by Ayesha Mehmood

Culinary Courses
15. Artisan Baking by Chef Abdul Manan
16. Food Outlet Management by Luqman Ali Afzal
17. Nutrition & Wellness by Mudeser Ali

IT Courses
18. Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals by Usman Latif
19. Web Development by Muaaz Zahid
20. Graphic Design by Salman Ahmad
21. Business Intelligence and Advance Analytics by Syed Waseem Jaffer, Mian Habib and Muhammad Tariq (Systems Ltd.)
22. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions by Muhammad Aurangzeb (Systems Ltd.)

Language Courses
23. Basics of English Language by Muzammil Khan
24. English Language and Literature by Ayesha Mohsin
25. French Language by Moazzam Ali
26. Arabic Language by Zeeshan Danish

Music Courses
27. Guitar Lessons by Steve George
28. Singing Lessons by Aizaz Sohail
29. Piano Lessons by Haroon Shad

Writing Courses
30. Creative Writing vs. Screenwriting by Adeel Hashmi
31. Content Writing and Editing for Journalism by Nyla Daud