LLL CSR Activity - Artisan Baking Class Visits Rainbow School Trust

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lifetime Learning @LUMS is all about community learning and takes pride in being the embodiment of Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood’s motto of being a programme for ‘We the People’.

LLL has intended to do a CSR activity, where the group of LLL community comprising of the participants, instructor and the team plans to visit a charity organisation. The idea is not just to donate, but to spend time there with the endeavour to spread happiness.

It finally materialised this Saturday, November 10, 2018 when the LLL management, along with the baking class instructor prepared food boxes of savoury and sweet delights baked by our class participants and went to the Rainbow Foundation Trust School. This also counted as the students’ final assessment. The baked goods that were submitted for evaluation were then packed in boxes and handed out. This saw a greater participation by the already passionate batch of course participants.

The charity organisation, which is a small-scale school (strength of 150 students) gives free education to the lesser-privileged sections of the society. The idea to conduct the CSR activity was recommended by the Artisan Baking class instructor, Abdul Manan (Group Executive Chef, Butler’s Café’). Like SOS village, many other places like these smaller scale charities also await support and encouragment.

The LLL participants, instructor, and team prepared 160 boxes of delicious home-baked items and refreshing chocolate milk for the School in the afternoon. The boxes were personally handed-over to the students by the team who had a fun time with all the students. The trust students, who were exceptionally disciplined, thoroughly enjoyed their delectable meals and were surprised to learn that all the goods were baked by the people present there.

The visit lasted for two hours, from 1pm to 3pm, after which the trust students and staff were bid farewell. The LLL participants were very positive about the experience and one participant especially mentioned how well it was organised. LLL intends to do similar CSR activities where it can help instill happiness, passion and positivity into the society.