LLL Welcomes Session 10 Participants with Exciting Orientation Session

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

This year’s much awaited orientation event for Session 10 of Lifetime Learning @LUMS (LLL) saw a full house as 500 students flocked to LUMS to begin their exciting journey of learning. The event, held on September 13, was organised by the LLL team and executed impressively with a series of activities like a run-through of the course and campus policies, and an icebreaker trivia session that livened up the afternoon.

Participants were acquainted with the opportunities they will get during the course of the session and the facilities they will have access to. They were also given a brief overview of LUMS, which included details about the University’s vision, its history and legacy, along with recent academic achievements.

The LLL team also took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the future cohort of participants in an attempt to familiarise everyone with the key players running the operations. LLL takes pride in being a community-serving programme and the courses aim to nurture not only budding talent but also established professionals.

The event was a snapshot of the diversity of the student body coming from all kinds of backgrounds and professions. At the end, the attendees enjoyed high tea, and networked with each other.