LUMS Alumna, Masooma Zeeshan Gets Featured in CASE

Friday, September 28, 2018

LUMS alumna, Masooma Zeeshan who is heading the Office of Alumni Relations, Lifetime Learning @LUMS and Summer School @LUMS has been featured in a publication by CASE, an international, prestigious organisation for educational development. In her interview with CASE, she reflects on her professional journey, starting from her days as a student, to spearheading campaigns at her alma mater and excelling at competitive MNCs.

When asked what is that one achievement she takes pride in, she said, “Spearheading the actualisation of the community learning programme, Lifetime Learning @LUMS, which has seen the successful participation of more than 1,500 individuals since its inception a little over a year ago, and has allowed LUMS to welcome individuals of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their passions and interests through short courses in a variety of fields.”

Be it Alumni Relations, Summer School or the Lifetime Learning @LUMS – for Ms. Zeeshan it’s all in a day’s work. Her name is synonymous with inclusive education and expansion. She realises communication is key when it comes to achieving a goal. It is because of her wit slicing through high-stress technical jobs, that she has realised her dream of earning herself a top job. The journey has not been easy, as it may seem. And it does not end here either.

Ms. Zeeshan has been a key player in all her campaigns, taking wide strides, single-handedly. During her interview, she cited the lack of a comprehensive curriculum as the key challenge facing the educational institutes in recent times. To her, a well-rounded holistic approach is crucial to enhancing life skills through education.

Lack of opportunity is another pressing problem the students have to face, according to her. She believes there is an abundance of untapped potential and a dearth of right options.

The interview wrapped up with Ms. Zeeshan acknowledging how CASE has helped her foster a culture of two-way communication with alumni through specialised communication platforms.

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