LUMS Alumni Karachi Chapter Holds Elections

Monday, March 13, 2017

The LUMS Karachi Alumni Chapter marked a new beginning on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, as the Karachi Alumni Chapter Elections were held at the Southend Club in DHA, Karachi.

Over 50 alumni attended the get-together to cast their vote, including former Chapter Presidents, Alhani Khawaja Nizamuddin, MBA 1998, and Irfan Ahmad Khan, MBA 1998, who acted as the Election Commissioners of the process.

The meeting opened with introductions of all the nominees of the elections in order to give the attendees an overview of the alumni they would be voting for. This was followed by an interactive discussion on the ways through which the Karachi Alumni Chapter could be enriched.

After a democratic casting of votes, the ballots were counted and the results were announced. In a delightful turn of events, Hijab Tufail, BSc 2012, was elected the new President of the Karachi Alumni Chapter. In addition to this, Mohammad Bilal Patel, BSc 2014, and Muhammad Azeem Shariq, BSc 2015, were elected Vice President and Secretary of the Chapter respectively, while Naval Vaswani, EMBA 2012, was elected Treasurer. Alhani Khawaja Nizamuddin, the most recent President of the Chapter, warmly welcomed the new office bearers and presented each of them with a bouquet of flowers.

In addition to the officially elected board, an advisory committee of the Karachi Alumni Chapter was also formed, which consists of some of the most esteemed alumni of the chapter (many of them ex-Presidents), which will help the newly elected office bearers run the Chapter.

This advisory committee includes Ibrahim Shamsi, MBA 1995, Irfan Ahmed Khan, MBA 1998, Alhani Khawaja, MBA 1998, Abbas Sajjad, EMBA 2004, and Sheikh Ali Hussain, EMBA 2007. On behalf of the committee, Irfan Khan addressed the newly elected, and expressed that they are always available to provide the new board with support, guidance and wisdom of experience. The gathering witnessed a wonderfully peaceful transfer of authority as the charge was handed over from the former board to the newly elected one. The event also allowed the alumni to indulge in productive discussions about the future of the chapter, including an active exchange of ideas for prospective plans.

The LUMS Alumni Relations Office is thrilled to have such an excellent and committed board leading the Karachi Alumni Chapter. They are excited about the developments that will arise from these elections, and are confident that the newly elected board will help the LUMS alumni community grow even closer.