LUMS Alumni Malaysia Chapter Gets Together Over Dinner

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It was a day of nostalgia and joy for the LUMS Malaysia Alumni Chapter on Friday, April 14, 2017, when they held a get together over dinner for their annual reunion at Byblos Cafe, a popular Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 

Alumni attended the reunion with their families and little future Luminites, making the evening even more colourful and enjoyable. Over Shish Taouk and Falafel, they spent the evening chatting amongst themselves, catching up on who's doing what and where, and learning about the latest happenings at LUMS from Mr. Shahid Hussain, member of the LUMS Board of Trustees and CEO Service Sales Corporation, who was present at the event. 

Mr. Hussain briefed the alumni about the upcoming School of Education, the established School of Law, the new Aquatic Centre, and the expansion of the National Outreach Programme (NOP). The alumni, in turn, shared details about their experiences in Malaysia, and what their plans and aspirations for the future are. Mr. Hussain spoke at length with the alumni on why there is a need and responsibility to give time to institutions like LUMS, and encouraged the alumni to be active decision makers for the future direction of their alma mater. 

The reunion also benefitted by the perchance meeting with the Deputy High Commissioner for Pakistan, Mr. Farooq Malik, at Byblos Cafe. It was a fitting note of patriotism to close the evening. 

The reunion ended on a shared promise amongst the alumni to meet more often and with families.