LUMS Breaks Records at the United Asians Debating Championship 2019

Monday, July 22, 2019

With its consistent display of writ and talent, the LUMS team made its mark at the United Asians Debating Championship (UADC) 2019, the largest inter-varsity parliamentary debating tournament in Asia. This year, the tournament hosted over 350 participants from 62 teams across 16 countries in Asia. Student society, Debates and Recitation at LUMS (DRUMS) was represented by three teams and judges, comprising of Ahsan Muhammad, Bassam Ahmad, Faez Noor, Hassan Qaiser, Imaad Hasan, Muaz Jadoon, Salman Shah, Taha Iqbal, Taha Masud, Talha Wani, Zaid Ahmed Abro and Zoya Wasif.

LUMS was the only institute to see 3 teams qualify for the octo-finals, and for the second consecutive time, made Pakistan the only country that saw all teams make it to the Open Break.

Taha Masud was declared the 6th best speaker of Asia, making this the highest speaker rank achieved by any debater from the Pakistani circuit in the country’s history in a major international tournament. 

Talha Wani also received the distinct honour of being the 17th best speaker of Asia, as he made it to the top 20 speakers in the tournament. Ahsan Muhammad was ranked 26th, which is the highest that a freshman representing LUMS has ever ranked. Bassam Ahmad was also the highest achieving adjudicator representing a Pakistani institution in history and chaired the octo-finals at the prestigious tournament. Talha Wani and Taha Iqbal were also deemed the 12th and 13th best reply speakers in all of Asia.