LUMS Community Service Society Celebrates Talent

Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 12pm

LUMS Community Service Society (LCSS) organised Soch, a literary event on February 2, 2019. An enriching platform for the students across schools (under NGOs) and the SOS Village Lahore, this was conducted after a series of short coaching sessions that were held in November and December last year. A hundred students were shortlisted to take part in the final competitions at LUMS.

The selected students came from prominent NGO Schools in Lahore falling under the administration of Rabtt, The Citizen Foundation, Care Foundation and PENN. Children from SOS Children’s Village Lahore were also invited to take part in the competitions.

Soch was spread over three major parts – Spelling Bee, Debates and Open Mic. The Spelling Bee involved nearly sixty students and searched for the master speller. The participants in the Debates competition provided arguments for the topics given. The best debater was judged on delivery, content and confidence. The third competition gave a chance for the raw talent to let their creativity run wild. The winner of this round was a girl’s group that performed a series of songs.

Designed to sharpen the potential of talented participants by creating an atmosphere of competition, testing students’ learning abilities and natural talents, the event was a much-enjoyed affair. Winners of each round of competition were awarded positions and medals while the rest of the participants were given certificates of participation.