LUMS Faculty’s Research Featured in pv magazine USA

Sunday, September 9, 2018 - 5am

A research work co-authored by Nauman Zafar Butt, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, Syed Babar Ali School of School of Science and Engineering, has been featured in pv magazine USA.

The work was led by Dr. Butt’s PhD student, Hassan Imran in collaboration with Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Dr. Muhammad Faryad’s group and Dr. Tarek Mohammed Abdolkader, Department of Basic Engineering Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Benha, Egypt.

The research is presented in a paper titled, ‘High-Performance Bifacial Perovskite/Silicon Double-Tandem Solar Cell’ and can be found in the most recent issue of the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics.

Elaborating on the research work and why this particular subject for research was chosen, Dr. Butt said, “We have been doing research on solar cells for the last 5 years. This is because solar photovoltaic is a rapidly growing technology for renewable energy generation and is highly suitable for Pakistan.”

“Our aim was to increase the efficiency of solar cells beyond the physical limits of conventional solar cells. Tandem solar cell is a promising way to achieve this. When combined with another emerging technology called bifacial solar cell technology, tandem solar cells can provide higher efficiency without increasing the area of the solar panel. We combined conventional silicon solar cells with the rapidly emerging material called Perovskite in a tandem solar cell and showed that this design can achieve more than 30% efficiency in bifacial arrangement,” he continued.

Dr. Butt shared that through their design, solar energy can become more efficient and cheaper and this will have a huge impact on society.

Dr. Butt appreciated the great environment and resources that LUMS provides to its researchers and shared that all his colleagues at the Electrical Engineering department and the School have encouraged and supported him to work in the area of solar energy.

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