LUMS MBA Guest Speaker Session with MD Bayer Pakistan

Monday, December 24, 2018

Dr. Imran Ahmad Khan, CEO & Managing Director Bayer Pakistan was invited by Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) faculty, Muhammad Luqman Awan to conduct a session with MBA 2019 on Channel Management. The engaging session about the chemical industry proved to be very useful for the MBA students. Not only did it answer many questions about Channel Management in the chemical industry but also cleared many aspects about pursuing career in the industry.

Dr. Khan, who is a LUMS EMBA 2009 graduate, spoke about the many aspects of Channel Management citing examples from his practices and experience at Bayer Pakistan. He elaborated on the role of e-commerce in the current times. He said that many opportunities can be leveraged to make the most out of e-commerce channels which can expand product reach to end-users. He elaborated on the channels that Bayer is using to expand their reach such as websites like, etc and social media to create awareness about selfcare, healthcare and product visibility. He also elaborated on how e-commerce can play a part in expanding the agriculture business by increasing communication with channel partners. The MBA students also got insights on the emerging trends and best practices in Channel Management practiced by the industry and particularly Bayer.

Dr. Khan shared that he is very happy to have conducted this session. “I am an alumnus and I have very good memories of LUMS. This institution has a very big contribution in my success and I want to give back. Sharing my insights at this session is my way of giving back as I want others to benefit from my experience. I think that the industry and academic side should interact more so that students can learn from industry experts,” he said.