LUMS UK Alumni Chapter Reunites for Iftar

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It was a day of unity and happiness for the LUMS UK Alumni Chapter as they participated in their annual reunion on the first day of Ramadan on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at the Lahore Kebab House in London. LUMS Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi was there to welcome the alumni and their families.

Ramadan is a time to come together in the spirit of goodwill and friendship, and this reunion was one such opportunity; it was the first time alumni gathered in this blessed month to break their fast together.

As the evening unfolded, Dr. Naqvi engaged with the alumni by first giving them updates about developments on campus; from the expanding research at LUMS and the ever-increasing goals of the National Outreach Programme (NOP), to the newly established Aquatic Center.

Over a delicious iftar of barbecued cuisine, the alumni got the chance not just to reconnect with old friends, but also to say goodbye to their existing chapter office bearers and welcome new ones.

The Office of Alumni Relations would like to extend its gratitude to Farid Ahmed, former President of the UK Alumni Chapter, for his longstanding engagement with them.

After iftar, Dr. Naqvi announced the names of the new office bearers of the UK Alumni Chapter. Sohaib Abdul Rehman, BS 2014, and Priya Sajjad, BSc 2016, were elected President and Vice President of the Chapter respectively, while Areej Rehan, BSc 2010, was elected Secretary. Dr. Naqvi gave Abdul Rehman an ambassador certificate and pin in recognition of his new role.

It was an exciting night for our alumni in the UK, who experienced a taste of home for their first iftar of the month, rekindled fond LUMS memories, and set the stage for a new beginning for the UK Chapter.