LUMUN Wins 12 Awards at Harvard WorldMUN 2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 2pm

The LUMS Model United Nations (LUMUN) Society delegation bagged a total of 12 awards — 9 Outstanding Diplomacy Awards and 3 Verbal Commendations — at the 28th edition of the Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) conference held in Madrid, Spain, from March 18-22, 2019.

The Harvard WorldMUN is an annual travelling Model United Nations conference that is run by Harvard students and a local university team from a host city picked via a secret ballot each year. WorldMUN moves to a new international city each year and attracts over 2,000 college and graduate students from more than 70 countries, making it the largest international collegiate-level Model UN conference in the world.

The LUMUN society has been participating at WorldMUN, since it was founded in 2002. The 20 students of the 2019 LUMUN delegation ended up with the third highest collective tally of awards while competing with 150+ teams (3000 participants) from all over the world, including other teams from Pakistan. This marks the society's strongest performance and the highest award output in the history of LUMS and Pakistan.

On March 17, the LUMUN team went to the first delegate gathering, a social event, Night Zero, which takes place before the start of the conference, where the team met other delegates and committee chairs. The next day, the team completed their registration at the conference venue, attended the opening ceremony, and interacted with other delegates. The same day they represented Pakistan at the Global Village event, where each delegation represents its own country’s culture, dress, food and drink. The LUMUN team also performed at the Cabaret event, where each delegation represents their country’s music and dance rituals.

From March 19–22, the team participated in all committee sessions.

The LUMUN team at the WorldMUN 2019 conference included:
1. Hammad Ali Kalhoro (Head Delegate)
2. Aadil Azad Lalani
3. Abdullah Haroon
4. Ahmed Ali Kalhoro
5. Ahsan Ansar Muhammad
6. Ali Aftab Ghias
7. Muhammad Ashar Imran
8. Aysha Ahsan
9. Syed Bassam Ghufran Ahmed
10. Agha Fahad Abbas
11. Syed Faizan Haider Zaidi
12. Inshirah Tahir
13. Syed Janian Shah
14. Kiran Khalid
15. Mahnoor Ayub
16. Rahul Hasnain
17. Muhammed Saad Kamil
18. Muhammad Sameed
19. Muhammad Tasmir Aziz
20. Zohair Abbas Khan

LUMUN delegates who received Diplomacy Awards:
• Aadil Lalani and Aysha Ahsan in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Justice
• Ahmed Ali Kalhoro and Muhammad Sameed in the United Nation Human Rights Council
• Ahsan Ansar Muhammad and Syed Bassam Ghufran in the Commission of Science and Techonology
• Muhammad Ashar Imran in the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime
• Syed Faizan Haider Zaidi in the Union Council of Ministers
• Kiran Khalid in the International Atomic Energy Agency

LUMUN delegates who received Verbal Commendations:
• Hammad Ali Kalhoro and Inshirah Tahir in the Organisation of American States
• Abdullah Haroon in the Economic and Financial Affairs Council