Office of Advancement and Student Affairs Conducts Final CSS Mentorship Session

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The LUMS Office of Advancement in collaboration with Office of Student Affairs held its final CSS mentorship session on the evening of Friday, November 30, 2018 for a Central Superior Services (CSS) Mentorship.

Every year, the number of LUMS graduates appearing for the Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations increases, and more and more alumni and students incline themselves towards this career path. Considering this, the LUMS Office of Advancement, along with the alumni who are already serving after having passed CSS, wanted to cater to the community’s needs and provide them with the support and resources required for this endeavour.

The session was conducted by a panel of 2 alumni; CSS officers, including Bilal Ahmed (Police Service of Pakistan, 45TH Common, BS (EE), 2014 and Ammar Akhtar (Senior Superintendent of Police,45TH Common, BSc 2016). It was the last session of CSS Mentorship Series, with a packed room with alumni and students. Mr. Ahmed started the session with his formal introduction and started giving the recap of all previous sessions starting off with how to attempt Precis, and later went on to discuss Islamiyat, Pak Affairs and Current Affairs. Mr. Ahmed explained the importance of diagrams, maps, flow charts, and references from good books and how this would help students in securing good marks in the exam. Similarly, talking about the compulsory Islamiyat subject, he mentioned Ayats of Quran, relevant Ahadees and its translations and also gave references of foreign authors. In the end, Mr. Ahmed shared that the presentation is the key factor while attempting the exam, "Try to present and attempt your exam in a best possible manner."

The alumni panelist Mr. Akhtar took the floor and talked about stress management. In addition to that, he added, "You should be creative enough to attempt the exam and the key factor is presentation which includes headings and subheading etc." In the end, Mr. Akhtar concluded the session on a positive note, "I believe everyone who is present in this room can clear the exam because you all are intellectually strong and there is no point that you all will not clear the exam if your preparation is good."

After every alumni panelist had spoken, the group opened the floor to an interactive question and answer session. The attendees took advantage of the opportunity to seek guidance from their seniors and did not hold back in their queries, questioning the alumni about everything from how to approach the exam to how to attempt it.