Reckitt Benckiser Launches Recruitment Drive: The League of Game Changers

Monday, September 16, 2019

Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan held an information session on September 12, 2019 at the Suleman Dawood School of Business at LUMS to launch its recruitment drive, 'The League of Game Changers'. Reckitt Benckiser (RB) is a British multinational consumer goods company that produces health, hygiene and home products.

The event was held for LUMS students, in order for them to know more about the company's internship and management trainee programmes. Executives from RB were present at the event and spoke to attendees about the company, its international exposure and the various initiatives and competitions they have.

Humayun Farooq, Director Marketing RB, started the session with an introduction about himself, followed by an overview of the firm and its culture. RB’s vision is a world where people are healthier and live better. Their core values are Partnership, Achievement, Entrepreneurship, Ownership and Responsibility. Mr. Farooq also shared that the philosophy of the company is to find people who are ready to take chances and are initiators of innovative ideas. He then shed light on the different initiatives that RB has taken towards a cleaner Pakistan and towards educating children about personal hygiene.

Himra Mursil, Director Human Resource RB, also spoke to the students and shared her journey at RB and introduced the company's management committee members. She noted that several LUMS alumni work at the company, and appreciated the efforts of the recent summer interns from LUMS at RB. Ms. Mursil also emphasised that the company values international experience and has sent more than 60 employees abroad in the last six years.

The session also included a talk by Mariyah Ahmad, Human Resource Business Partner RB, who explained the registration process for the League of Game Changers programme in detail. The initiative is in the form of a competition, where the national winners will be sent to London to represent RB Pakistan on a global platform.

The event concluded with an interactive Q&A portion. The information session was very beneficial for attendees, and they were able to understand more about RB and the opportunities they may have with the organisation in the future.