REDC Concludes Engaging Marketing Innovation Programme

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The digital marketing landscape has been getting more intricate and competitive. It has become imperative for businesses to generate value through customer-centric laser sharp digital marketing strategies, which require effective digital marketing tools and channels to enhance performance.

Tailored specifically to take full advantage of integrated digital platforms, the Rausing Executive Development Centre successfully concluded its 3rd offering of ‘Marketing Innovations: Social Media Marketing User Behaviour Analysis, Analytical Tools & Multiscreen Digital Marketing Techniques’ on December 6, 2019. The 3-day programme is meticulously designed to equip executives with the latest social media marketing, monitoring, and evaluation techniques at hand. It provides a hands-on experience to execute strategic social media plans into actionable operational tactics through social media marketing, user behaviour analysis, analytical tools and multi-screen digital marketing.

This year’s offering was led by Zain ul Abdin Khawaja and Muhammad Adeel Zaffar, faculty from the Suleman Dawood School of Business at LUMS who created an immersive learning experience through a brilliant mix of interactive class discussions, reading material and cases. Case based exercises simulating decision making of both global, and current Pakistani digital brands allowed an exposition of the process of converting strategic plans into tactical operations through the application of the learnt tools.

Executives shared generous words about the programme. Atta Ur Rehman from CMPAK Zong said, “The programme offers a wonderful opportunity for professionals to understand and position their brands in the digital landscape, find tools to leverage their sales and augment the traditional sources of brand building.” Mariam Usman from Best Way Cement Limited said, “Marketing innovations is a checkmate for the traditionalist, sharing the similar area of expertise but with a stringent list of rules to follow, even to improvise their work. I was just about to get off-board when the programme helped me to anchor myself in the millennial times.”