REDC Conducts Advanced Leadership Programme for Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)

Monday, February 13, 2017

The success of senior leadership lays in balancing the act of inspiring people, maintaining strategic vision and the planning and execution of business goals. To achieve leadership excellence at the top, senior managers are compelled to broaden their horizon, monitor self-development, explore global best practices and cultivate an environment that drives performance at all levels.

Programme Director Anwar Khurshid and Co-programme Director Faiza Ali lead this Rausing Executive Develeopment Centre (REDC) leadership programme, Advanced Leadership Programme, focusing on organisational change and leadership, which presented insights on how to enhance effectiveness in the role of a senior leader, influence teams as well as align commitment with other stakeholders in the organisation. The programme was well received by the senior management of Pakistan Petroleum. “An excellent programme to prepare executives involved in change management,” shared a programme participant.