REDC Conducts Informative Programme on Manufacturing Excellence

Friday, March 29, 2019

REDC conducted a programme on Roadmap to Manufacturing Excellence from March 12 - 15 led by Programme Directors, Dr. Kamran Ali Chatha and Dr. Fahad Mehmood, and supported in teaching by Dr. Arif Iqbal Rana. The 4-day programme on Roadmap to Manufacturing Excellence is designed to provide a strategic outlook on production operations exposing executives to contemporary global trends, tools and techniques required to improve operational strategies and transform the manufacturing practices within the organisation.

The programme comprehensively explored discussions on managing suppliers, Just-in-Time manufacturing, process knowledge, continuous improvement and linking production to competitive strategy. Executives from over 18 organisations, from varying industries, attended the programme, including Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Chemicals, Manufacturing and Utilities etc., additionally providing valuable opportunities for networking.

Hamza Ismail, Plant Manager, ICI Pakistan Limited said that the programme gave important “insight about the different aspect of work and management to get the desired output and to be competitive as well as cost-effective.” Tahir Iqbal, Factory Manager, English Biscuits, was also satisfied with the programme saying, “The programme was very informative and had great learning for me. Learnt a lot about TPM and its methodology and all the cases were relevant to my learning.”