REDC Conducts Programme on Leadership Development for Islamic Financial Institutions

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

As the industry grows and experiences greater competition, the importance of individuals who possess a sound understanding of the Islamic banking industry and its products as well as effective leadership skills is essential. The Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) at LUMS designed and conducted a 4-day open enrollment programme, Leadership Development for Islamic Financial Institutions. The programme, held on May 9 - 12, 2017, was directed by Saad Azmat, co-directed by Ayesha Bhatti and joined in teaching by Jamshed H. Khan, Muhammad Adeel Zaffar and Adnan Zahid. It attempts to interlink the technical attributes of Islamic finance with various other aspects of leadership.

The programme was well received by the participants coming from the diverse banking sector. The main emphasis of the programme was on ‘Islamic Financial Literacy: Economics, Law & Ethics, The ‘Why’ of Islamic Finance, Islamic Capital Markets, Leadership and Customer Focus.’ The key objective was to help managers successfully shift their managerial mindset towards a future focused leadership mindset whilst keeping in mind the needs of their unique customer base.

International speakers from Malaysia shared their insights on the topic and participants gained insights into the future of the industry by looking at more developed Islamic banking markets.

“The programme presents a very practical and illustrative approach to promote and grow the leadership skillset,” programme participant.