REDC Highlights Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Techniques

Friday, December 21, 2018

REDC conducted a programme on, 'Problem-Solving and Decision-Making' from December 4 – 7, 2018. The objective of the 4-day intensive programme was to help executives identify common obstacles to effective problem-solving and decision-making techniques and use analysis, synthesis, and positive inquiry to address organisational problems. 

Led by Programme Directors, Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, Assistant Professor, SDSB and Raza Rafique, Assistant Professor, SDSB and supported in teaching by Zainab Riaz, Assistant Professor, SDSB, the programme provided exposure on how to apply appropriate problem-solving and decision-making processes, evaluate solutions and anticipate risks.

The programme included interactive sessions on even swaps, data driven decisions, decision trees, impact of leadership on decision-making, and problem-solving tools. Classroom sessions blended with simulated activities and exercises ensured that participants get the opportunity to apply the concepts back at work.

“Problem-solving and decision-making programme is strongly recommended to everyone as it has a perfect blend of information and effective teaching methodology,” expressed programme participant, Brigadier, Tauqeer Alam Gillani, Pakistan Army.

“Problem-solving and decision-making is a highly recommended programme that really equips professionals with adequate tools and strategies to be utilised in their career,” shared programme participant, Minah Ali Rathore, Policy Analyst, JAZZ.