REDC Launches New Programme on Leadership for Senior Executives

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

To create a definitive competitive edge and lead organisations for success, top tier executives must learn to unlock their leadership potential to engage and energise people for performance and create value in the organisation. The Rausing Executive Development Centre (REC) launched a new 4-day programme on Leadership for Senior Executives.

This open enrollment programme, held on May 9-12, 2017, was directed by Arif N. Butt and Adnan Zahid and joined in teaching by Jamshed H. Khan, Muhammad Adeel Zaffar, Khalid Mirza and Nasser Aziz. The programme exposed participants to a spectrum of concepts, skills and techniques essential for alleviating the role of senior executives. 

Relevant areas such as visionary and inspirational leadership, vision for self and organisation, trust building in teams, and culture of collaboration were addressed in detail. The programme also provided a unique opportunity for participants to create a personal leadership narrative and explore how to build collaborative networks to drive organisational growth.

The programme included face-to-face interactive sessions with real-life leaders and iconic industry personalities of Pakistan including Syed Babar Ali, Abdul Razzak Dawood, Muhammad Ayub Khan, Zaffar A. Khan and Asad Umar.

“It was a programme with a unique format which was gruelling as well as captivating,” Syed Ali Iqtidar, Fauji Fertilizer Company.