REDC Launches Programme on Customer Centric Product Design for Jazz

Friday, December 13, 2019

To support Jazz learning aspiration and strategic vision, Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) co-created and launched a 3-day bespoke residential programme on “Customer Centric Product Design" from November 21 - 23. The programme focused on human-centric design tools and processes, and imparted hands-on exposure to practices synonymous with customer obsession.

Led by Dr. Suleman Shahid and Dr. Jamshed H. Khan, the programme exposed participants to customer journey mapping by using customer insights for new product development and its improvement through systematic experimentation. It aimed to help participants optimise customer experiences by leveraging data to craft value propositions that resonate with different customer segments to create memorable experiences. The programme also highlighted the latest techniques that can help Jazz extemporise product life cycle to evolve from traditional processes to more customer centric designs to lead the technology industry from the forefront.

The programme was an amalgamation of hand-on exposure and global case studies which added to the overall learning experience and emphasised on interactive learning. The participants praised the initiative and said it was the best programme on customer centricity combining the concepts of co-creative design thinking and user behaviour.