REDC Programme,' Leading Teams' Well Received by the Telecom Sector

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Under its custom initiatives, the Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) hosted a focused programme, 'Leading Teams' from October 29 – November 1, 2018 for a leading telecom with the purpose of influencing leadership and team practices within the organisation. During the 4-day engagement, the Programme exposed participants to contemporary practices in developing leadership, team cohesion, change management  and leading digital transformation.

The Programme was directed by Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rahman Malik, Assistant Professor, Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB), co-directed by Dr. Anwar Khurshid, Professor, SDSB and supported in teaching by  Dr. Muhammad Adeel Zaffar, Assistant Professor, SDSB and Dr. Arif Nazir Butt, Professor SDSB. Over the course of the Programme, participants were given exposure on how to identify leadership characteristics, recognise strengths and challenges for organisational change, gain trust, manage group dynamics, entrepreneurism and conflict management.

Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, it emphasised on the theories and leadership best practices to help participants master complex challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. To maximise participation, case studies, simulations, exercises and interactive discussions were included in the Programme.

The Programme was well received by the participants who praised the faculty’s area of expertise and ability to impart knowledge.