Renowned Photographer, Arif Mahmood Talks about ‘Napier Street’ at Gurmani Centre for Languages & Literature, LUMS

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) held an exhibition on September 17, 2018 of the work of renowned photographer, Arif Mahmood, where he discussed his project ‘Napier Street’ and highlighted some of his photographic works over the course of his 33-year career as an artist. 

At the exhibition, which attracted over 200 art enthusiasts, Mr. Mahmood presented a mesmerising journey into his archive, diverse in terms of geographies and communities. Pictures, chronologically displayed, starting from the 1980s, showed the evolution of the photographer’s craft. The presentation depicted Mr. Mahmood as a self-taught artist whose work has inspiration and story behind it. Speaking to the audience, Mr. Mahmood said, “It is like a bridge to the past that keeps me rational and charged to the concept of photography in an age where it is not cost-effective or feasible to editorially film it. Also, it is a pleasure that has no substitute for me.”

The newly appointed Vice Chancellor of LUMS, Dr. Arshad Ahmad and Dr. Kamran Asdar Ali, Dean, Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS) congratulated the Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature for taking such an initiative and organising a great event.

While addressing the audience, Bilal Tanweer, Assistant Professor MGSHSS and Co-Director of the Gurmani Centre, highlighted the importance of arts to an institution and also mentioned how it can help to nurture the culture of a country. “LUMS has overlooked this aspect of art as a part of its curriculum. It is important to bring arts to LUMS and to intensify cultural and artistic activities," said Mr. Tanweer.

Going through the aesthetic images, the audience appreciated each subsequent image and the depth of detail that each offered. The presentation was moderated by Ali Sultan, the curator of the exhibition and it ended with a question and answer session. 

Mr. Mahmood’s work is displayed on the first floor of the Academic Block at LUMS till December 2018.