Service Sales Corporation Conducts Recruitment Drive at LUMS

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. (SSC) conducted a recruitment drive for its Management Trainee Programme 2017 at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). LUMS alumna and HR Partner Organisation Design & Learning, Ms. Azka Khalid, started the session with a brief introduction of her colleagues and the company. She elaborated that the organisation has been running its operations all over Pakistan even in the most remote areas of the country and has an established network of 500 stores. A short video showcasing the company’s different brands was also played. Later on, Ms. Khalid asked her Management Trainees to come on stage and share their experiences on working with Service Sales Corporation.

The trainees highlighted the reasons of joining Service Sales Corporation. They told the students that the strength lies in values, environment, high performance and cross functional culture of the organisation. They encouraged the students to join SSC as it is the best place to work at. In the end, Ms. Khalid briefed the audience about the MT Programme by eloborating that it is an eighteen-month programme offering a four and half month rotation period in the Business Units and Support Function departments.

The session concluded with an interactive questions and answer session followed by a written test.