SIGMA ’19 Draws Math Enthusiasts from Across the Country

Thursday, February 28, 2019

For the love of mathematics, students from a number of different schools across the country including Aitchison College, Lahore Grammar School, Beacon House and The C. A. S. School participated in SIGMA ’19, the flagship event of the LUMS Students Mathematics Society (LSMS).

SIGMA, held at LUMS from February 8-10, 2019, consisted of 8 different events, which were distributed across three days. Students made their way through the events with great energy. The host team decided to make the third edition of SIGMA bigger and better by extending it to three days and adding diversified challenges. Events were smartly designed, ranging from basic math puzzles that required logical reasoning to solving mind-boggling math questions where participants tested their abilities to compete under time constraints. A remarkable new event that participants enjoyed immensely was ‘Crack the Image’ for which an exclusive web app was designed allowing the participants to guess the mathematician hidden behind square tiles by correctly answering the algebraic question written on those tiles. Another popular event was the all-time favourite, ‘Scavenger Hunt.’ It was exciting to see eager, young math lovers going about the entire campus in search of clues and their next locations.

A food carnival which welcomed students to delicious treats along with enjoyable performances and a movie night showcasing the life journey of a renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking added to the fun of SIGMA. After the series of competitions, the team from Aitchison College emerged as the winners. Runners up and individual event winners were also awarded with shields at the closing ceremony. Memories made in the three days were sealed tightly with pictures in formal suits and a dinner to wrap it all up.

Convener SIGMA ’19, Sayyeda Aroob Fatima and Farina Zubair, President along with the LSMS team worked tirelessly through these three days and the preceding months to make SIGMA’19 as incredible as it was this year. The Patron of the Society, Dr. Ali Ashher Zaidi provided the LSMS team continuous support and appreciation.