Students Show their Mettle at Arm Wrestling Competition

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Haseeb Ashfaq, President of the LUMS Shredded, a fitness initiative, run by LUMS students, and his team organised an ‘Arm Wrestling Competition' which was a great success. The Competition attracted around 120 students who participated very enthusiastically in the event. “The Competition was interactive and fun. Students were just showing up to compete against each other. We had background music too, so it was a good entertainment activity which was supported by Mr. Babar Asad, Manager, Office of the Dean Student Affairs and Shakeel, the LUMS gym instructor,” he shared.

Ashfaq is a BSc Management Science student with a Minor in Mathematics who is a fitness and sports enthusiast. Sharing his future plans, Ashfaq said, “We are planning a powerlifting competition in the next week. Also, many more events like tug of war, crossfit and our flagship event, Mr. LUMS. Also, we will be conducting many awareness sessions related to health, nutrition and fitness,” he said.

Ashfaq further added that a healthy body has a healthy mind and his LUMS Shredded team are on a mission to make LUMS fit and healthy. “We believe that everyone is born to evolve. I will urge students to come to us, if they have any queries related to health and fitness,” said Ashfaq.