SWR-SLUMS Tennis Tournament Attracts Much Excitement from the LUMS Community

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

This year, Sports, Wellness and Recreation (SWR) and the student society, Sports at LUMS (SLUMS) got together for a four-day Tennis tournament. The exciting tournament held from February 23 to 26 attracted sixteen participants, all geared up to win the matches.

The tournament was played on two formats, a ‘Tins & Bottles’ match, where both men and women played, and a ‘Doubles’ for men only. After a nail-biting series, it is easy to say that the players demonstrated exceptional talent and sheer skill. In the Tins & Bottles series, Aamnah Mansoor and Dawar Rehan were declared the winners, while Aun Haider and Sajjid were the runners-up after performing exceptionally well in all their matches and defeating strong competitors. On the other hand, in the Men’s Doubles, Mohammad bin Azhar and Dawar won by a milestone, beating Omair Hassaan and Faizan Fayyaz who stood runners-up. 

For the Closing Ceremony, Vice Chancellor, LUMS, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, who also participated keenly in the series, was invited as the Chief Guest. He encouraged the young tennis players and urged them to keep working on improving their game.

The event proved to be a wonderful experience, as it allowed the students as well as the faculty not only to interact with one another, but to break barriers and learn from each other.