LUMS Alumni Meet Syed Babar Ali in the San Francisco Bay Area

Monday, December 28, 2015

LUMS alumni got together in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA on December 26, 2015 at the residence of Sophia and Saad Khawaja (Class of '98), which was attended by Syed Babar Ali and several alumni. The enthusiastic alumni connected with Syed Babar Ali over a range of topics including their career journey, entrepreneurship and myriad of experiences. They shared issues about work visas faced by alumni in the past and present and discussed the presence of Pakistani individuals at influential posts in the US corporate structure.

Various ideas were exchanged on what can be done to help increase the level of education in Pakistan. The day was followed by a fun filled lunch where the alumni mingled with each other in smaller groups and reminisced about old times. Later, tea was served and casual conversations about politics, the economic conditions, and Modi's surprise visit to Pakistan took place. Everyone was honored at having an opportunity to meet and interact with Syed Babar Ali and create more memories.