Physics Faculty Develops Innovative Demonstrations for Course

Monday, January 5, 2015

A mainstay of the Physics course, Electricity & Magnetism, which was taught by Physics faculty, Muhammad Sabieh Anwar in fall 2014, were the nearly dozen demonstrations that were developed throughout the span of the course. These demonstrations were developed and refined by Dr. Anwar, while maintaining their direct visual appeal. He was assisted by the technical staff at the Physics Lab, Hafiz Rizwan, Khadim Mehmood, Azeem Iqbal, Afshan Jamshaid, who materialised these ideas as Dr. Anwar slowly built an impressive array of demonstrations all supplied with pictorial procedures and in most cases, video recordings to help teachers replicate these ideas in their own teaching.

The video recordings of the demonstrations can be viewed and the course material can be reused including the homework, survey quizzes and exams. Dr. Anwar introduced several innovative ideas in the course that were not included in textbooks, in particular about ‘current’ and how it relates to electric fields inside conductors, surface charge gradients along conductors and the notion of energy flow in steady conditions.