Programme on Managing Marketing Channels Conducted by REDC

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Organic growth priorities, coupled with changes in customer needs and buying behavior, are driving senior executives to explore new and innovative channel strategies for survival in every growing demands of corporate landscape. Rausing Executive Development Centre's new programme on Marketing Channels ( April 6-8, 2016) provides executives with comprehensive overview of channel design options, assessment of channel performance and channel economics with key focus on customer preferences.

Led by Muhammad Luqman Khan with teaching faculty Ehsan Ul Haque, the programme shares insights on developing a holistic and impactful channel strategy that integrates value propositions, customer engagement processes and sales force structure across target segments in relation to defined growth priorities. The programme enables participants to establish link between corporate strategy and channel decisions while analyzing key factors for navigating channels under uncertainties, conflict, power plays and competitive scenario. The programme also offers an orientation and a forum for understanding and discussing what “competing online” means today while creating strategies to collaborate with customers to drive innovation and insights. The experiential nature of the programme with case studies, group discussion and presentations provide practical guidance with proven processes to plan and implement customer experience insight, channel management and delivery strategies to build a more customer-centric future.

“A beautiful programme for unpacking value in the customer journey developing our skills to lead our organization in developing an integrated strategic approach to customer experience management.” Programme Participant