Shahid Hussain Foundation Launches the Public Health Research Grant 2018/19, in Collaboration with LUMS

Monday, April 9, 2018 - 5am

The Shahid Hussain Foundation (SHF) is a Lahore-based organisation working to support education and health access in Lahore. SHF has launched the Public Health Research Grant 2018/19 worth PKR 4 Million to support innovative research in Pakistan. This is an exciting research opportunity in the subject of public health, health policy, and socio-economic research.

LUMS is proud to work in collaboration with the SHF as it envisions to be a research university dedicated to serving society through world class education and social responsibility. This Grant is a unique opportunity for both partners to work together in this collective mission to serve the people of Pakistan and work towards a thriving society with improved health outcomes, life expectancies and disease prevention.

The Research Grant is a unique effort to undertake projects with local funding, comprises of local research teams and experts, and conducts research within Pakistan (local subject). This in an effort to foster a culture of localised research and learning, to provide an understanding of the complexities within the Pakistan health sector and offer viable solutions for a strong and sound health policy.

The areas of research for this grant include social determinants of health, healthcare and health promotion among vulnerable groups, time-series analysis of lifestyle choices and onset of diabetes, BP and heart disease, urbanisation and health, new approaches to understanding and reducing infectious diseases in Pakistan, health leadership – decision-making and autonomy in Pakistan’s healthcare and heart-disease and blood pressure - trends in Pakistan.

Details of this Research Grant and the application process can be found at

The deadline to apply for the Research Grant is 5 PM PST, July 16, 2018.