Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and Friends of LUMS,

Thank you for your remarkable efforts and generous donations to date. There have been several emergency meetings with different groups across campus to plan a unified institutional effort to support those in need.


We are launching a three-pronged campaign that invites your participation in the following:


1.      Continuing to donate money through cash, salary based and/or in-kind donations contributions for food, medicine and other essential items listed below.

2.      Identifying partnership opportunities for redevelopment interventions that can be leveraged institutionally. Kindly contact for any questions or with ideas and initiatives that you wish to lead with other members of the LUMS community.

3.      Submitting proposals for a new fund, Research Initiative for Societal Challenges (click here to view/download the call for proposal document). LUMS will continue to draw on its strengths in research and innovation and support high-impact projects and systematic interventions across disciplines.

Now is the time for us to amplify our efforts. For example a Rs. 4,000 cash donation will fund a filter developed at LUMS NIC by Pakvitae100 of these devices can ensure 1 million liters of clean water while saving the huge cost of transporting bottled water. Each device saves up to 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions and around 400 kgs of plastic waste.


You might also consider joining a team of alumni from Arbisoft and Khud who are collaborating with faculty and students from Computer Science and Economics at The LUMS Learning Institute. They are building a central database and developing an App for redevelopment in targeted communities. Please contact Salahuddin Khawaja ( or Dr. Suleman Shahid ( to get involved.


To operationalize our efforts to distribute essential items to those in need, LUMS is working with our partners Rizq, Akhuwat and Pakvitae who are actively involved in distribution networks across the country.


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I encourage you to reach out to friends and family to donate what they can and join us in this effort to help those who are most in need.


With gratitude,



Arshad Ahmad

Vice Chancellor

LUMS, A Not-For-Profit University

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Lahore, Pakistan


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