Ijaz Goher

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt AkzoNobel Chicago, US
Passing Year: 

The Executive MBA at LUMS has played a life changing role for me; both personally and professionally. The weekends spent at LUMS at a significant personal cost have yielded high dividends and continue to do so. It has made me a better professional, renewed my confidence and allowed me to not only perform under great stress but also use my faculties to best balance the different aspects of life. From the rich curriculum to the experienced academia to the insights of a diverse cohort; the LUMS EMBA has been a very fulfilling chapter of my life that has also enriched my social network with some great friends. My subsequent selection and success as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project Manager has a lot to do with what I gained at LUMS. However, the biggest gain for me has been on a personal level. The EMBA not only broadened my horizon but also gave me a different perspective on life, cliché as it may sound. I’ve realized what matters most to me and feel empowered to make it happen and sustain it. To me, this alone outweighs everything else.