Vision and Mission

To become an internationally acclaimed research university that serves society through excellence in education and research. 


LUMS aspires to achieve excellence and national and international leadership through unparalleled teaching and research, holistic undergraduate education, and civic engagement to serve the critical needs of society.

It seeks to accomplish this mission as a unified institution with cutting-edge research, a modern and rigorous curriculum and socially responsible outreach to the nation and region.

A University of the Future

  • A research university dedicated to advancement and creation of new knowledge
  • A place for holistic undergraduate experience and strong graduate education
  • A diverse community with a distinctive commitment to ethics, tolerance, and social responsibility
  • Engaged with the society and a change agent for economic growth and development

LUMS Philosophy

  • Merit Based Approach

 LUMS adheres to merit as the sole criteria in it's decision making. This applies to all aspects of its operations, from selection of faculty and staff, to admission and evaluation of students.

  • Hard Work

We believe that sustained hard work provides the underpinning for the socio-economic development of a nation. LUMS academic programmes help develop the stamina and diligence essential for success in the increasingly competitive international environment.

  • Value Addition

Our programmes are structured so that every activity enhances student learning and individual development. All activities are thus designed with definite learning objectives.

  • Intellectual Rigour

The programmes offered at LUMS not only require the capacity to work hard, but also the ability to think analytically and to solve problems. The mental strength that comes from a rigorous academic programme prepares the participants to perform demanding intellectual tasks.

  • Character Building

We consider character building to be an integral aspect of our programmes, as learning without personal integrity will be of little value to the individual and the society.