Career Services Office

The Career Services Office (CSO) offers an ever-increasing range of services to undergraduate and graduate students in all areas of career planning, including job and higher education placements. It facilitates employers to identify appropriate candidates and connects students with successful professionals from multiple industries, which helps them develop their professional skills and match their skill set with the needs and requirements of potential employers.

We strive for excellence in career guidance and placement services to benefit undergraduate and graduate students by providing a variety of career opportunities through job and higher education placements within and beyond Pakistan. For career progression, we aim to place our graduates in professionally developed organizations and provide a platform for our students to interact with renowned professional trainers of the industry to enhance their skill set at advanced levels.



Our vision is to be recognised as a premium career service provider, facilitating LUMS students and graduates. We encourage them to pursue optimal academic and professional careers, while inculcating ambitious policies and practices and maintaining the highest degree of personal and professional integrity in our endeavors.



Following are a few key initiatives taken this year to sharpen the employability skills of LUMS students and support recruitment activities.

  • Client Specific Outreach
  • Sustained Law Graduates and Law Firms’ Interface
  • Winter Internships for sophomores to senior year students
  • Recruiters Engagement in Karachi and Islamabad Alumni Reunions
  • CSO Brand Ambassadorship Programme
  • Professional Personality Trait and Competencies Assessments by a Chartered MCIPD UK expert
  • “Off Campus Corporate Exposure Programme”: a day-long professional coaching programme
  • Industrial Tours for Electrical Engineering Students
  • Exclusive coaching sessions for law students by practicing lawyers
  • Customized Coaching Sessions for freshmen



Grooming Sessions

Considering the requirements of a competitive job market, the importance of professional development along with academic excellence cannot be overstated. Providing professional development training opportunities to students enables them to gain confidence in the work they do and build credibility as they continue to acquire new skills.

For the said purpose, we frequently organise a wide range of coaching activities which include simulated interviews, guest speaker sessions, and mock assessments to polish cognitive skills and enhance their employability. All these activities are conducted by high profile, experienced professionals from the corporate sector, and a fairly large number of students attend these activities. We exclusively focus on the following specialised areas for skill development of LUMS students:

  • Interview Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Personal and Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Branding and Employability Skills

Goal Setting and Exploring Progressive Careers

  • Negotiation Skills and Accepting/Declining an Offer
  • Optimising the use of LinkedIn and Networking Techniques
  • Challenges of Fresh Lawyers
  • Criminal Litigation by Conduct
  • A series of mentorship Sessions for CSS Examination


Meet your Career Counselor

The CSO team also provides specific guidance to students to help them explore appropriate careers based on their individual requirements and skills. Students ardently visit our office to make enquiries and seek counselling on the following:

  • Exploring Prospective Careers & Internship Opportunities
  • Employability and Interview Skills
  • Effective Resume Writing
  • Graduate study abroad & Scholarship Opportunities


Personality Trait Assessment

The ‘Trait’ assessment has already been used at top international universities including Aston, Surrey and Leeds. It has also been used at Civil Service UK, Civil Service Pakistan, ABL, CureMD, GM, NHS UK, IMI UK, Emirates Group, & Phones4U.

Trait is mapped on the popular Big Five theory of personality and expands on to 13 internationally accepted personality scales in business and at work. A 20-page personalized report for each student will include detailed description, performance implication and development recommendation for each of 13 scales.


Key Benefits For The Students

Identifying & consolidating strengths
Students can use Trait assessment to understand where they stand on the most critical management competencies and personality scales required to excel at workplace. They can identify & consolidate personal strengths to channelize them in the right direction and knowing when to make their best use and avoiding overexposure.

Working on individual development areas

Students will be able to work on their respective development areas. They will be able to foster greater self-awareness about their blind spots which could possibly hinder performance and growth once they are on job and also while they look for a job. The report should provide a solid base for a clear path towards continuing professional and personal development.

Prepare students for University-to-Work transition & realize their potential
The Assessment and the feedback session will prepare students well for academia to work life transition and shortening the learning curve; thus boosting performance.
The process will provide robust platform for students and graduates to launch themselves in to the practical world through this all-encompassing powerful report and work on a plan which leads to enhanced employability


Off Campus Corporate Exposure Programme

Its a DAY-LONG professional grooming program. Under this program, the senior, junior and sophomore year students from LUMS visit the offices of leading companies for a few convenient hours to seek the counsel of high profile, experienced professionals from the corporate sector, as well as acclimatize to professional working environments.

The idea of this mentorship program is to prepare our students for the job market and practicalities of professional life as well as enable them to face workplace challenges of the future. The program would also provide an opportunity to the organizations, if a short-term project or assignment is assigned to the LUMS students.

Typically, the CSO team sends 5 to 10 students to the mentor’s office for these sessions after checking due availability from the mentor.

Objectives of the Program:

  • Professional & Personal Grooming of students.
  • Give exposure of a corporate working environment to students.
  • Help students in choosing appropriate careers.
  • Awareness about the professional values & work ethos.
  • Improve Personal Branding and Employability Skills.
  • Enhance their Resume Writing and Interview skills.



Hunting top talent is a heated competition in the corporate world and every company wants to grab talented individuals at the earliest. To quench this thirst for talent, leading companies rush towards academic institutions, creating a competitive atmosphere within universities and colleges.

A notable number of national & international recruiters come to LUMS to tap the top talent of Pakistan. We facilitate LUMS recruiting partners even during these early recruitment periods efficiently and provide full support in conducting their On & Off Campus hiring processes. Students are also motivated to actively participate in all recruitment activities.






LUMS hosted its Annual Career Fair on February 2, 2019 to connect its students with prospective employers and introduce them to a myriad of job and internship opportunities offered by various public and private sector organisations.

Being held for ten consecutive years, the Annual Career Fair this year welcomed 121 national and international reputed organisations, representing multiple industries. Every organisation had setup a recruiter’s booth to conduct on-spot screening interviews, collect resumes and engage with the students. The company representatives also counselled the students regarding their career choices and the job market requirements.

Commenting on the occasion, the LUMS Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad said, “LUMS hosts the Career Fair as its signature, milestone event for both students and employers. It is an exciting networking event showcasing reputable local, national and international companies, as well as outstanding students from LUMS who learn about internship and full-time positions to explore future career opportunities. Employers recruit the best talent in Pakistan, while our students consider life-changing prospects. We are very fortunate to have our recruiting partners collaborate with our LUMS Career Services Office to make this event more successful than ever before.”

The fair has consistently grown in terms of, both students and prospective employer attendance and this year was no exception as the event provided the employers an opportunity to engage with a large pool of talented students, while enabling the students to scout prestigious employment opportunities.



Mr. Hassan Adnan
Director HR & Director Public Affairs & Communications, Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) Pakistan

At Coca-Cola Icecek (CCI) Pakistan, our people remain our greatest assets. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain high-caliber individuals with the skills, attributes and drive to help the Company achieve its current and future strategic objectives. In order to find and attract such talent, CCI Pakistan has often relied on LUMS. The undergraduates/graduates from LUMS who join CCI Pakistan come with strong commercial acumen and analytical skills that serve as the foundation of their successful career at the company. Furthermore, the career fair organised at LUMS is a wonderful platform for the corporates to connect with future leaders of the country. It has proved not only a platform for CCI Pakistan to source future talent from, but it has also provided us with an opportunity, through a structured Employee Value Proposition (EVP) programme, to communicate our values and culture at our work place to the students. Through this EVP, we encourage students to join CCI Pakistan while also challenging them to create value for our Community, Customers and People- something that all employees live by at CCI Pakistan.

CCI Pakistan is proud of its association with LUMS and hopes it continues to remain a breeding ground for the future leaders of this country.

Mr. Wasif Mazhar
Vice President, People Excellence, Human Capital Division, Systems Limited

It’s always great to be at LUMS, one of the pioneer institutions when it comes to creativity and innovation. LUMS Career Fair is an amazing opportunity for the employers to tap into the best talent of the country and also to share what future holds for these young guns of Pakistan.
I am sure LUMS will continue to take this Career Fair a step ahead every year by not only inviting corporate sector to the fair, but also have them being the mentor to the students which can surely add a lot of value to the programme and students.
If you are not at the LUMS Career Fair, you are surely missing out an amazing opportunity to make it happen for the graduates and for your brand.

Mr. Fraz Aslam
Head of HR Siemens Pakistan

Coming to LUMS has been always a great pleasure and I feel that in many ways, LUMS stands out because of its rigorous academic plan and diversified co & extracurricular activities, like sports and many others. These altogether sharpen the skills of LUMS graduates and make them stand out in personal and professional life. There is a wholesome experience at the campus which they bring to organisation and they are up to speed within next couple of months after joining.

Ms. Uzma Wajid
Senior Manager Human Resource, Pakistan Stock Exchange

As a talent-oriented organisation, PSX is always on the look out to acquire the best possible talent available. Participating in LUMS Career Fair has really been a superb experience and worth attending as an employer – it is a great platform to interact with diverse audience which includes LUMS students with multiple academic background and exposure, as well as its alumni, which bring with them vast and multi-faceted experiences. Here, we are having a stupendous time with LUMS students, the top talent of Pakistan, visiting our booth enthusiastically and we are considering them for multiple opportunities available at the Exchange.

Mr. Fahad Ashraf
General Manager, RB Pakistan – Health

LUMS graduates are well rounded individuals – they are extremely agile and that is evident during their internship period at RB. They have the confidence to deal with stakeholders, are quick in decision making and are very adaptable to varying situations. The zeal to deliver and intelligence stands out amongst others.

Ms. Shanzeh Asif
Director Curriculum Enrichment - United We REACH

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of hiring many LUMS graduates from the batches of 2016, 2017, and 2018. I have found them to be quick learners who are ready for the challenges of the workplace. Through their academic and extracurricular activities, most LUMS graduates have developed a wide array of skills and experiences that are conducive to the diverse needs of our organisation.



Around 15% of graduates and undergraduates from LUMS pursue higher studies abroad every year and visit our office to seek guidance about similar opportunities. We invite leading international university representatives and local consultants for one-to-one counselling and information sessions.

To support LUMS graduates, we organise an Annual Education Fair every year. This year, LUMS Annual Education Fair 2018 was organised on December 5, 2018, in which 28 international offices of higher education institutions and Leading Educational Consultancies participated. Together, these represented more than 100 prestigious universities of the world.

We also host a Study UK tour in collaboration with the British Council and US universities tour with the partnership of USEFP to provide maximum information to interested students. Leading international universities and renowned consultants have also visited LUMS to provide one-to-one counselling regarding higher education abroad.


1. Visit and click on ‘Employer Registration’
2. Fill out the registration form, and tick any one of the following according to your requirements and submit the form.
• Career Services Office (CSO)
• MBA Placement Office (MPO)

As you will sign up on the portal and fill in all fields, the CSO team will formally approve your profile after a review and a confirmation email containing username and password details will be sent to your official account. Please use the given details to login and post job positions on the portal by following these steps
• Visit and click on ‘Job Post’ and fill out the brief vacancy form
• The CSO team will review the form and approve once it matches with the required criteria, after which you will receive a confirmation email accordingly

After your vacancy is posted, students will start applying against the position. In order to view the number of applicants, click on ‘Application;’ it will display three options
1. Download all resumes
2. Download only selected
3. Download Zip

You may choose any of the options as per your requirement to download the resumes; this will be followed by your organisation’s own specific recruitment process.


Mazhar Mohsin Chinoy

Director, Student Support Services

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