Faculty Profile

Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan


Suleman Dawood School of Business

Dr Hassan has over two decades of extensive experience in the higher education sector. At LUMS, Dr Hassan has served in many capacities besides his teaching and research, including Associate Dean, Dean, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Vice chancellor (VC) (2002-8). After completing his second term as VC of LUMS in June 2008, Dr Hassan has returned to his role as a Professor in the SDSB at LUMS. He has been elected as Speaker of the Faculty Council. During his six year tenure as VC, LUMS expanded by a factor of more two in all dimensions (academic programmes, faculty, schools and infrastructure) and formulated its vision to become a broad based research university. Launch of the National Outreach Programme (NOP), through which bright students from the under privileged sections of our society are groomed and developed to join LUMS on full financial support, is a key highlight of Dr Hassan’s term as VC of LUMS. Now almost 20% of students at joining BSc at LUMS are from NOP.

Dr Hassan has many papers, book chapters and cases to his credit. His current research interests include management of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in the global world. He has been a keen student of how organizations utilize technology and develop processes for transformation. His current research interests include management of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Global Information Management and Journal of Global Information Technology Management.

Besides consulting for many leading local companies and international organizations, like UNDP and World Bank, he has also served on the boards of organizations like PTCL and NTDC. He has also been an active volunteer in many professional organizations like Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA), Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan (AMDIP), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, USA (IEEE), International Management Development Association (IMDA) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). Dr Hassan regularly delivers lectures at various national institutions like National Defence University and National Management University (previously Administrative Staff College). He is actively involved in helping a number of Pakistani and Indian educational institutions improve their systems and processes as a mentor and accreditation peer reviewer.

Currently Dr Hassan is a charter member and Treasurer of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Lahore chapter, Member Board of Directors Systems Limited, Chair of IEEE Lahore section, on the board of AMDISA as a past president of the organization, member of the board of governors of Foundation University, HITEC Education City, and a member of HEC quality assurance and social sciences committees. He also serves as a member of peer-review teams for European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and South Asian Quality System (SAQS) for accreditation of management schools.

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Fall Semester 2017-18Strategy and Management in Developing Economies1701
Spring Semester 2016-17Operations Management-Technology, Innovation and Emerging Trends1602
Fall Semester 2016-17Pedagogy1601
Fall Semester 2016-17Agribusiness & Value Chain Management1601
Fall Semester 2016-17Strategy and Management in Developing Economies1601
Spring Semester 2015-16Agribusiness & Value Chain Management1502
Spring Semester 2015-16Operations Management1502
Fall Semester 2015-16Strategy and Management in Developing Economies1501
Spring Semester 2014-15Agribusiness & Value Chain Management1402
Spring Semester 2014-15Operations Management1402
Fall Semester 2014-15Strategy and Management in Developing Economies1401
  • Past Courses
    Spring Semester 2012-13Entrepreneurship and Family Business: Sustaining Value over the Long Term1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13Venture Creation1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13Entrepreneurship1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13Operations Management1202
    Fall Semester 2012-13Management of Technology and Innovation1201
    Term II 2011-2012Business Applications of IT1120
    Term II 2011-2012Operations Management1120
    Term I 2011-2012Management of Technology and Innovation1110
    Term II 2010-2011Social Entrepreneurship1020
    Term II 2010-2011Business Applications of IT1020
    Term II 2010-2011Operations Management1020
    Term I 2010-2011Management of Technology and Innovation1010
    Term II 2009-2010Business Applications of IT920
    Term I 2009-2010Management of Technology and Innovation910
    Term I 2009-2010Entrepreneurship910
    Term II 2008-2009Management of Technology and Innovation820
    Term II 2008-2009Managing in the Information Age820
    Term II 2008-2009Business Applications of IT820
    Term II 2008-2009Operations Management820
    Winter Qtr 2008-09Management of Technology and Innovation802
    Autumn Qtr 2008-09Seminar in Pedagogy801
    Term II 2007-2008Operations Management720