Faculty Profile

Mr. Muhammad Asim

Teaching Fellow

Suleman Dawood School of Business
    Spring Semester 2014-15Senior Project II1402
    Spring Semester 2014-15Marketing Models1402
    Spring Semester 2014-15Econometrics1402
    Spring Semester 2014-15Independent Study1402
    Spring Semester 2014-15Independent Study -I1402
    Spring Semester 2014-15Independent Study1402
    Fall Semester 2014-15Probability and Statistics1401
    • Past Courses
      Spring Semester 2013-14Marketing Models1302
      Spring Semester 2013-14Econometrics1302
      Fall Semester 2013-14Probability and Statistics1301
      Spring Semester 2012-13Marketing Models1202
      Spring Semester 2012-13Econometrics1202
      Fall Semester 2012-13Statistics1201
      Spring Semester 2009-10Independent Study902
      Spring Semester 2009-10Independent Study902
      Spring Semester 2009-10Econometrics902
      Spring Semester 2009-10Intermediate Microeconomics902
      Fall Semester 2009-10Econometrics901
      Fall Semester 2009-10Intermediate Microeconomics901
      Summer Qtr 2008-09Independent Study804
      Summer Qtr 2008-09Macroeconomics-II804
      Spring Qtr 2008-2009Econometrics-I803
      Winter Qtr 2008-09Introduction to Game Theory802
      Winter Qtr 2008-09Econometrics-I802