Faculty Profile

Dr. Ghayoor Abbas Chotana

Assistant Professor

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Dr. Ghayoor Abbas obtained his M.Sc. in Chemistry from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. After serving as lecturer in chemistry in the Punjab Education Department/GCU Lahore for couple of years, he went to the Michigan State University, USA for his PhD studies. At MSU, he worked on the applications of iridium catalyzed aromatic C-H borylation in organic synthesis, and completed his PhD in Chemistry in 2008. He later worked as a Postdoctoral Associate at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, before joining SSE LUMS in fall 2009.

Dr. Ghayoor Abbas has presented his research work in various international conferences including the meetings of the American Chemical Society, the US National Organic Symposium, and the Gordon Organometallic Conference. He has a number of research publications in peer reviewed international journals as well as several patents to his credit. His current research interests include synthesis and study of new ligands for transition metal catalyzed cross coupling reactions, development of new synthetic methodologies and their applications in the synthesis of medicinally active small organic molecules, design and synthesis of new aromatic building blocks for applications in material science.

    • Conference Papers
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2014). New Convenient Route for the Syntheses of Aryl & Heteroaryl Boronic Esters . 6th Chemistry Conference 2014 On Chemistry in Engineering and Life Sciences, 11-13 November 2014, PINSTECH, Islamabad , PINSTECH, Islamabad
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2014). Iridium catalyzed aromatic C-H activation/borylation:A new methodology for the syntheses of functionalized aromatics . 25th National and 13th International Chemistry conference Institute of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Quaid-i-Azam Campus Lahore, Pakistan , The Chemical Society of Pakistan
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2014). Syntheses of pyridine–4–boronic esters . 25th National and 13th International Chemistry conference Institute of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Quaid-i-Azam Campus Lahore, Pakistan , The Chemical Society of Pakistan
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2014). New Catalytic & Green Functionalization of Aromatic Hydrocarbons . One Day Symposium on Green Chemistry: An Innovative Route to Sustainable Scientific Development Wednesday, April 30, University of Sargodha , University of Sargodha
      • Chotana, G. A. Tuning five-coordinate trisboryl iridium catalyst reactivity through ligand modification . 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting , American Chemical Society
    • Journal Articles
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2016). Synthesis and Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions of 2,6-Bis(trifluoromethyl)pyridine-4-boronic Acid Pinacol Ester . Synthesis , Georg Thieme Verlag KG
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2016). Efficient double Suzuki cross-coupling reactions of 2,5-dibromo-3-hexylthiophene: Anti-Tumor, haemolytic, anti-thrombolytic and biofilm inhibition studies . Molecules , MDPI , pp. 977
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2016). Distribution of heavy metals in the soils associated with the commonly used pesticides in cotton fields . Scientifica , Hindawi Publishing Corporation
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2015). Synthesis of Fluoroalkoxy Substituted Arylboronic Esters by Iridium-Catalyzed Aromatic C–H Borylation . Organic Letters , ACS , pp. 4256–4259
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2015). Reversible borylene formation from ring opening of pinacolborane and other intermediates generated from five-coordinate tris-boryl complexes: Implications for catalytic C–H borylation . Organometallics , ACS , pp. 4732–4740
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2015). Harnessing C–H Borylation/Deborylation for Selective Deuteration, Synthesis of Boronate Esters, and Late Stage Functionalization . The Journal of organic chemistry , ACS , pp. 8341–8353
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2015). Selective C-Arylation of 2,5-dibromo-3-hexylthiophene via Suzuki Cross Coupling Reaction and Their Pharmacological Aspects . molecules , MDPI , pp. 5202-5214
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2009). Getting the sterics just right: a five-coordinate iridium trisboryl complex that reacts with C–H bonds at room temperature . Chemical Communications , RSC , pp. 5731-5733
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2006). Ir-catalyzed functionalization of 2-substituted indoles at the 7-position: Nitrogen-directed aromatic borylation . Journal of the American Chemical Society , ACS , pp. 15552-1555
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2006). Iridium-catalyzed borylation of thiophenes: versatile, synthetic elaboration founded on selective C–H functionalization . Tetrahedron , Pergamon , pp. 6103-6114
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2006). One-pot borylation/amination reactions: syntheses of arylamine boronate esters from halogenated arenes . Organic letters , ACS American Chemical Society , pp. 1407-1410
      • Chotana, G. A. .(2005). Sterically directed functionalization of aromatic CH bonds: Selective borylation ortho to cyano groups in arenes and heterocycles . Journal of the American Chemical Society Volume 127 , American Chemical Society , pp. 10539-1054
      • Chotana, G. A. Levels of Lead in Solvent & Water Based Paints Manufactured in Pakistan . Science International , , pp. 255-256
      • Chotana, G. A. Levels of Selected Toxic Metals in Solvent Based Paints Manufactured in Pakistan . Int. J. Environ. Studies , , pp. 234-235
    • Patent
      • Chotana, G. A. Process for Producing Cyano Substituted Arenes Boranes and Compounds . US Patent , US Patent Office
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