Faculty Profile

Dr. Anjum Fayyaz

Assistant Professor

Suleman Dawood School of Business

Anjum Fayyaz has more than 24 years of teaching, training, research and consulting experience in Pakistan, India and Iran. He joined LUMS in 2009 as Director, Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) and is currently serving as an Assistant Professor and the Director, Strategic Sectors Research Centre (SSRC). He is also working as Team Lead for Assessment and Strengthening Program (ASP), a USAID funded project, to build the capacity of public sector officers in the area of Monitoring and Evaluation of projects.

Fayyaz’s specialised areas of teaching include strategic business management, entrepreneurship and innovation and human resource management. He initiated and developed the concept of SME Clusters and Networks Development (CND) in Pakistan while working for United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for more than nine years from 2001 to 2009. He is a master trainer on UNIDO CND methodology and conducted many trainings and workshops for private and public sectors organisations while also building the capacity of industrial chambers and associations. While working for UNIDO, Fayyaz conducted trainings and executive teaching for the Institute of Quality & Technology Management Department of University of The Punjab. He designed and developed programs on Project Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. He got “Best Teacher Award” on the basis of student evaluation.

Fayyaz has also conducted trainings on Industry – Academia Linkages for the University of Gujrat, Pakistan in addition to his work on Teaching Methodologies for the PhD teachers and students of the Lahore College Women University.

He has also worked as a Member – Provincial Coordination Team Punjab (PCT) & Co-Chair of Thematic Working Groups under One UN in Pakistan. The areas included Agriculture, Rural Development & Poverty Reduction (ARP) and Environment Management to implement One UN project in Punjab in collaboration with other UN agencies working in Punjab through UN Joint Programmes.

Fayyaz is a member of Senior Management Council of Lahore Human Resource Forum (LHRF) – Pakistan with the mission to improve the Networking of HR fraternity, Benchmarking, Sharing Best Practices and Conducting Research in the areas of human resource management and industrial relations.

Anjum Fayyaz is a Doctoral student with the Copenhagen Business School Denmark in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy. He is an expert on industrial change management with an extensive experience on networking and trust building.

    • Article
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    • PaperI
      • Fayyaz, A. (2015). Industrial Clusters and the Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Countries: The Role of International Donor Funding.. 27th Annual Meeting. SASE UK, London, United Kingdom.
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      • Fayyaz, A. (2004). Represented UNDP in a Workshop in India on "The Employment Challenge in South Asia". UNDP Workshop, New Delhi, India.
Semester Title Code
Fall Semester 2017-18 Experiential Learning I 1701
Fall Semester 2017-18 Research Methods 1701
Spring Semester 2016-17 Business Strategy 1602
Fall Semester 2016-17 Experiential Learning I 1601
Spring Semester 2015-16 Business Communication 1502
Spring Semester 2015-16 Business Strategy 1502
Fall Semester 2015-16 Business Communication 1501
Spring Semester 2014-15 Business Communication 1402
Spring Semester 2014-15 Business Strategy 1402
Fall Semester 2014-15 Business Communication 1401
  • Past Courses
    Semester Title Code
    Fall Semester 2013-14 Principles of Management 1301
    Fall Semester 2013-14 Personal Effectiveness 1301
    Spring Semester 2012-13 Business Integration and Innovation 1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13 Entrepreneurship 1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13 Business Strategy 1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13 Strategic Business Management 1202
    Term I 2011-2012 Entrepreneurship 1110
    Spring Semester 2011-12 Entrepreneurship 1102
    Spring Semester 2011-12 Strategic Business Management 1102
    Spring Semester 2010-11 Strategic Business Management 1002