Faculty Profile

Dr. Habib-ur- Rehman

Assistant Professor

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Dr Habib ur Rehman is currently working as Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Before joining SSE he served as Head of Optical Materials, R & D Group at Exxelis Limited, U.K. There he developed a number of new materials for optical displays and optimized innovative processes for making LED backlights and light management films. He previously worked for Terahertz Photonics, UK, and was responsible for the development of low loss optical materials for data-comm and groundbreaking sol-gel based silica on silicon deposition technology. He holds an M.Phil. degree in physical/polymer chemistry from QAU, Islamabad and Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Degree from the Institute for New Materials, Saarbrucken, Germany.

    • Article
      • Rehman, H. .(2015). Characterization and Evaluation of Lecithin Based Nanocarriers for Enhanced Pharmacological and Oral Pharmacokinetic Profile of Amphotericin B . Journal of Materials Chemistry B , Royal scociety of chemistry , pp. 8359-8365
      • Rehman, H. .(2015). Design of enzyme-immobilized polymer brush-grafted magnetic nanoparticles for efficient nematicidal activity . RSC Advances , Royal Society of Chemistry , pp. 77682
      • Rehman, H. .(2015). Polymer brush functionalized SiO2 nanoparticle based Nafion nanocomposites: a novel avenue to low-humidity proton conducting membranes . Polymer Chemistry , Royal Society of Chemistry , pp. 5782-5789
      • Rehman, H. .(2015). Synthesis, crystal structure, theoretical calculations, and electrochemical and biological studies of polymeric (N,N,N',N'-tetramethylethylenediamine)bis(thiocyanato-¿N)copper(II), [Cu(tmeda)(NCS)2]n . Polyhedron , Elsevier , pp. 252–257
      • Rehman, H. .(2014). UV-light assisted single step route to functional PEEK surfaces . Reactive and Functional Polymers , Elsevier , pp. 7
      • Rehman, H. .(2014). Design and fabrication of branched polyamine functionalized mesoporous silica: An efficient absorbent for water remediation . ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces , American Chemical Society , pp. 11
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