Faculty Profile

Dr. Nida Yasmeen Kirmani

Associate Professor

Humanities & Social Sciences

I completed my PhD in Sociology in 2007 from the University of Manchester. Since then I have worked as a Research Fellow with the Religions and Development Research Programme at the University of Birmingham. I have been an Assistant Professor of Sociology at LUMS since January 2011.

    • Book
      • Kirmani, N. Y. .(2013). Questioning ‘the Muslim Woman’: Space, Identity and Insecurity in an Urban Locality . , Routledge
    • Chapter
      • Kirmani, N. Y. .(2015). ‘Religion, Gender and Development in South Asia’ . Routledge Handbook of Religions and Development , Routledge
      • Kirmani, N. Y. .(2013). ‘Contentious Encounters: A Historical Comparison of the Indian and Pakistani Women’s Movements’ Relationships with Islam' . Religion, Gender and the Public Sphere , Routledge
    • Journal Articles
      • Kirmani, N. Y. .(2013). ‘Strategic Engagements: Analysing the Indian and Pakistani Women’s Movements’ Relationships with Islam,’ . ASIEN: German Journal for Politics, Economy and Culture ,
Senior Project IFall Semester 2014-151401
Introduction to SociologyFall Semester 2015-161501
Divided CitiesFall Semester 2015-161501
Independent StudySpring Semester 2015-161502
Senior Project IISpring Semester 2015-161502
Gender and DevelopmentSpring Semester 2015-161502
Introduction to SociologyFall Semester 2016-171601
Senior Project IFall Semester 2016-171601
Introduction to Development StudiesSpring Semester 2016-171602
Divided CitiesSpring Semester 2016-171602
Senior Project IISpring Semester 2016-171602
Gender and DevelopmentFall Semester 2017-181701
  • Past Courses
    Understanding Social MovementsSpring Semester 2010-111002
    Introduction to SociologyFall Semester 2011-121101
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2011-121102
    Understanding Social MovementsSpring Semester 2011-121102
    Introduction to SociologyFall Semester 2012-131201
    Senior Project IFall Semester 2012-131201
    Introduction to Development StudiesFall Semester 2012-131201
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2012-131202
    Senior Project IISpring Semester 2012-131202
    Divided CitiesSpring Semester 2012-131202
    Senior Project IISummer Semester 2012-131203
    Introduction to SociologyFall Semester 2013-141301
    Independent StudyFall Semester 2013-141301
    Senior Project IFall Semester 2013-141301
    Introduction to Development StudiesFall Semester 2013-141301
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2013-141302
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2013-141302
    Senior Project IISpring Semester 2013-141302
    Divided CitiesSpring Semester 2013-141302