Faculty Profile

Dr. Bushra Naqvi

Assistant Professor

Suleman Dawood School of Business

Dr. Bushra Naqvi is the Assistant Professor at Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore University of Management Sciences where she teaches in the area of Money, Banking and Finance.  

Dr. Bushra Naqvi has worked as research associate and teaching assistant at the laboratory of CES Axe Finance, University of Paris 1– Panthéon Sorbonne from 2007 to 2011. During her stay at La Sorbonne, she worked under the supervision of Prof. Christian Bordes (Member ECB Shadow Council); and her PhD dissertation surrounds the policy choices of Asian central banks and assesses the impact of those policies on the behavior of financial markets.  At La Sorbonne, She has also been affiliated with many renowned Economists and Financial Analysts including Prof. Christian de Boissieu (Chief Economic and Financial Advisor to French Prime Minister), Prof. Patrick Artus (Director Research at NATIXIS Bank and member of French Economic Think Tank) and Prof. Bertrand B. Maillet (Executive Head of Research at ABM AMRO, Paris Subsidiary).

Dr. Naqvi has presented her research work at several International peer reviewed conferences including 25th Congress of European Economic Association (Glasgow, UK), 27th International Symposium of Money Banking and Finance (Bordeaux, France), 3rd Singapore Economic Review Conference (Singapore), and 3rd Euro-African Conference in Finance and Economics (Paris, France). She has also published few articles in national and international journals including The Lahore Journal of Economics and International Journal of Business and Social Sciences.

Besides her research and academic concentrations, Dr. Naqvi also owns the charter of Financial Risk Manager (FRM) from Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), USA; which is a globally recognized benchmark and professional designation in the area of financial risk management.

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      • Naqvi, B.

      • Naqvi, B.