Faculty Profile

Dr. Rahman Shah Zaib Saleem

Assistant Professor

Department Of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Dr. Saleem is employing organic synthesis to prepare compounds for application in the areas of medicinal chemistry and materials. In the medicinal chemistry, his current focus is in the area of cancer research (targeting p53-MDM2 interaction, centrosome clustering and tubulin polymerization inhibition), diabetes research, preparation of novel metal-free organic dyes for solar cell and organic scaffolds for metal organic frameworks (MOFs). Other interests include national product isolation and identification and analysis of food for toxicology studies.

Dr. Saleem completed his doctoral studies in synthetic organic/medicinal chemistry from the Michigan State University as Fulbright Scholar in 2011. His doctoral work corresponded to the development of novel dipolar cycloaddition methodology, synthesis of natural product (Hymenialdisine) and preparation of inhibitors of check-point kinase 2 and NF-KappaB. His postdoctoral visit to University of Bristol involve synthesis of novel AAA+ ATPase modulators. His postdoctoral stay at the University of Cambridge involved synthesis of the protein-protein-interaction modulators and his recent visit to University of Saarland as DAAD fellow involved synthesis of selenium containing redox modulators. Earlier, Dr. Rahman Saleem obtained his M.Sc. in Chemistry from GC University, Lahore, Pakistan with distinction (Gold Medal and Academic Role of Honor) in 2002 and MPhil in Chemistry in 2004. He served in GC University, Lahore for an academic year and then in Gujranwala Institute of Future Technologies as lecturer for three years. During this time he was awarded Orient Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman Chemistry Award & XIVth Star Award and was selected to present Pakistan in the 56th Meeting with Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany.  Dr. Saleem, during his time in LUMS, has completed three research projects and has presented hiss research work in various international and national conferences including the US National Organic Symposium.


Research Group Website

Title Publication Author Year
Identification and characterization of SSE15206, a microtubule depolymerizing agent that overcomes multidrug resistance Scientific Reports Manzoor S., Bilal A., Khan S., Ullah R., Iftikhar S., Emwas A.-H., Alazmi M., Gao X., Jawaid A., Saleem R.S.Z., Faisal A. 2018
Iridium-Catalyzed Regioselective Borylation of Substituted Biaryls Synthesis (Germany) Asghar S., Shahzadi T., Alazmi M., Gao X., Emwas A.-H., Saleem R.S.Z., Batool F., Chotana G.A. 2018
The selenium-nitrogen bond as basis for reactive selenium species with pronounced antimicrobial activity Current Organic Synthesis Rendekova J., Vlasakova D., Arsenyan P., Vasiljeva J., Nasim M.J., Witek K., Dominguez-Alvarez E., Zeslawska E., Manikova D., Tejchman W., Saleem R.S.Z., Rory K., Handzlik J., Chovanec M. 2017
Secondary metabolites production and plant growth promotion by Pseudomonas chlororaphis and P. Aurantiaca strains isolated from cactus, cotton, and para grass Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Shahid I., Rizwan M., Baig D.N., Saleem R.S., Malik K.A., Mehnaz S. 2017
Synthesis and evaluation of modified chalcone based p53 stabilizing agents Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters Iftikhar S., Khan S., Bilal A., Manzoor S., Abdullah M., Emwas A.-H., Sioud S., Gao X., Chotana G.A., Faisal A., Saleem R.S.Z. 2017
Folate grafted thiolated chitosan enveloped nanoliposomes with enhanced oral bioavailability and anticancer activity of docetaxel Journal of Materials Chemistry B Sohail M.F., Javed I., Hussain S.Z., Sarwar S., Akhtar S., Nadhman A., Batool S., Irfan Bukhari N., Saleem R.S.Z., Hussain I., Shahnaz G. 2016
A concise total synthesis of hymenialdisine Tetrahedron Letters Saleem R.S.Z., J. Tepe J. 2015
Lahorenoic acids A-C, ortho-dialkyl-substituted aromatic acids from the biocontrol strain pseudomonas aurantiaca PB-St2 Journal of Natural Products Mehnaz S., Saleem R.S.Z., Yameen B., Pianet I., Schnakenburg G., Pietraszkiewicz H., Valeriote F., Josten M., Sahl H.-G., Franzblau S.G., Harald G. 2013
Synthesis and evaluation of debromohymenialdisine-derived Chk2 inhibitors Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Saleem R.S.Z., Lansdell T.A., Tepe J.J. 2012
Radioprotection by hymenialdisine-derived checkpoint kinase 2 inhibitors ACS Chemical Biology Nguyen T.N.T., Saleem R.S.Z., Luderer M.J., Hovde S., Henry R.W., Tepe J.J. 2012
Synthesis of 1,2,4-Triazolines and triazoles utilizing oxazolones Journal of Organic Chemistry Saleem R.S.Z., Tepe J.J. 2010
5-Amino-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylic acid Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online Zia-Ur-Rehman M., Elsegood M.R.J., Akbar N., Shah Zaib Saleem R. 2008
Semester Title Code
Fall Semester 2018-19 Chemistry of the Organic Functional Groups 1801
Summer Semester 2017-18 Doctoral Thesis Research 1703
Spring Semester 2017-18 Master's Thesis 1702
Spring Semester 2017-18 Chemistry Seminar 1702
Spring Semester 2017-18 Organic Spectroscopy 1702
Spring Semester 2017-18 Chemical Problems & Reports 1702
Spring Semester 2017-18 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1702
Fall Semester 2017-18 Master's Thesis 1701
Fall Semester 2017-18 Doctoral Thesis Research 1701
Fall Semester 2017-18 Chemistry Literature Seminar 1701
Fall Semester 2017-18 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1701
Fall Semester 2017-18 Chemistry of the Organic Functional Groups 1701
Summer Semester 2016-17 Doctoral Thesis Research 1603
Spring Semester 2016-17 Master's Thesis II 1602
Spring Semester 2016-17 Doctoral Thesis Research 1602
Spring Semester 2016-17 Chemistry Literature Seminar 1602
Spring Semester 2016-17 Organic Spectroscopy 1602
Spring Semester 2016-17 Senior Project II 1602
Fall Semester 2016-17 Master's Thesis I 1601
Fall Semester 2016-17 Doctoral Thesis Research 1601
Fall Semester 2016-17 Chemistry Literature Seminar 1601
Fall Semester 2016-17 Senior Project I 1601
Fall Semester 2016-17 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1601
Fall Semester 2016-17 Chemistry of the Organic Functional Groups 1601
Summer Semester 2015-16 Doctoral Thesis Research 1503
Spring Semester 2015-16 Master's Thesis II 1502
Spring Semester 2015-16 Directed Research Project 1502
Spring Semester 2015-16 Organic Spectroscopy 1502
Spring Semester 2015-16 Chemical Problems & Reports 1502
Spring Semester 2015-16 Senior Project II 1502
Fall Semester 2015-16 Master's Thesis I 1501
Fall Semester 2015-16 Chemistry Seminar 1501
Fall Semester 2015-16 Senior Project I 1501
Fall Semester 2015-16 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1501
Fall Semester 2015-16 Chemistry of the Organic Functional Groups 1501
Spring Semester 2014-15 Master's Thesis II 1402
Spring Semester 2014-15 Doctoral Thesis Research 1402
Spring Semester 2014-15 Chemistry Literature Seminar 1402
Spring Semester 2014-15 Directed Research Project 1402
Spring Semester 2014-15 Senior Project II 1402
Spring Semester 2014-15 Advanced Organic Chemistry 1402
Fall Semester 2014-15 Master's Thesis I 1401
Fall Semester 2014-15 Doctoral Thesis Research 1401
Fall Semester 2014-15 Chemical Problems & Reports 1401
Fall Semester 2014-15 Senior Project I 1401
Fall Semester 2014-15 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1401
Fall Semester 2014-15 Chemistry of the Organic Functional Groups 1401
  • Past Courses
    Semester Title Code
    Summer Semester 2013-14 Doctoral Thesis Research 1303
    Spring Semester 2013-14 Directed Research Project 1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14 Organic Synthesis 1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14 Chemistry Seminar 1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14 Retrosynthesis 1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14 Senior Project II 1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14 Independent Study 1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14 Advanced Organic Chemistry 1302
    Fall Semester 2013-14 Chemical Problems & Reports 1301
    Fall Semester 2013-14 Senior Project I 1301
    Fall Semester 2013-14 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1301
    Spring Semester 2012-13 Senior Project II 1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13 Advanced Organic Chemistry 1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13 Spectroscopy - Theory & Applications 1202
    Fall Semester 2012-13 Introduction to Drug Discovery and Development 1201
    Fall Semester 2012-13 Senior Project I 1201
    Fall Semester 2012-13 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1201
    Spring Semester 2011-12 Advanced Organic Chemistry 1102