Faculty Profile

Mr. Uzair Kayani

Assistant Professor

Shaikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law

Uzair teaches Torts, Commercial Law, and Law & Economics. Tort liability distributes the costs of social and economic harms to those parties that can best prevent, bear, or insure against them. Commercial law sets default rules for market exchange (sales, negotiable instruments, and securities), and market participants (partnerships, corporations, and hybrid forms). Economic analysis of law applies microeconomic insights (primarily price theory, game theory, and social choice) to study the incentives created by law and other forms of regulation.

Uzair studied social choice and game theory with Professors Elizabeth M. Penn and John W. Patty at Washington University in St. Louis. He studied law and economics with Professor Richard Epstein, Judge Richard Posner, Professor William Landes, and Professor Douglas Baird at the University of Chicago. Earlier, Uz studied political philosophy, literature, and the Classics at Middlebury College (Vermont) and Deep Springs College (California).

Uz spends his free time toying with economic models and math puzzles, playing chess, writing, and playing guitar.

    • Others
      • Kayani, U. (2015). Drone Strikes Raise Specter of Lives we Grieve and Lives we Don't.
      • Kayani, U. (2015). Myths About the Stock Exchange.
      • Kayani, U. (2015). Case to make FDI stay in Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2015). Treasury Yield Curve: Not all is Doom and Gloom.
    • PaperI
      • Kayani, U. (2016). International Trade Law: Strategies, Pitfalls, and Controversies. Government Officers' Fellowship Programme, Research Society for International Law, Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2015). Human Rights and Constitutional Protection. American Bar Assoc. Rule of Law Initiative, Islamabad, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2015). The Convention Against Torture. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Quetta, Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2015). Human Rights and Human Development: Two Paradigms of Progress. Pakistan Ministry of Human Rights, Islamabad, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2014). A Critique of Bilateral Investment Treaties with Developing Countries. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Lahore, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2014). Alternative Dispute Resolution Versus Litigation. Punjab Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Lahore, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2014). Arbitral Awards under the Indus Waters Treaty. Indus Waters Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2014). National Sovereignty and International Security. Research Society for International Law, Lahore, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2014). The United Nations Convention Against Torture: Implications for Domestic Law. Punjab Judicial Academy, Lahore, Pakistan.
      • Kayani, U. (2014). Barriers to Modernization: How protectionism impedes progress. Asian Law Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
      • Kayani, U. (2014). Human Rights and Constitutional Protection (American Bar Assoc. Rule of Law Initiative, Islamabad. Organization & Environment, Islambad, Pakistan.
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Fall Semester 2018-19Regulations and Regulatory Agencies1801
Fall Semester 2018-19Torts1801
Spring Semester 2017-18Law and Economics1702
Spring Semester 2017-18Business Law1702
Fall Semester 2017-18Torts1701
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Fall Semester 2015-16Senior Project1501
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Fall Semester 2015-16Business Law1501
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Spring Semester 2014-15Independent Study1402
Spring Semester 2014-15Commercial Law1402
Spring Semester 2014-15Law and Economics1402
Spring Semester 2014-15Business Law1402
Fall Semester 2014-15Torts1401
Fall Semester 2014-15Independent Study1401
Fall Semester 2014-15Introduction to Game Theory1401
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    Spring Semester 2013-14Senior Project1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14Commercial Law1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14Law and Economics1302
    Fall Semester 2013-14Torts1301
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