Faculty Profile

Dr. Syed M. Hasan

Assistant Professor

    • Article
      • Hasan, S. M. .(2015). Credit Constraints, Technology Choice and Exports: A Firm- Level Study for Latin American Countries . Review of Development Economics , Wiley-Blackwell
      • Hasan, S. M. .(2014). Agglomeration and Selection Impacts on Firm Productivity in Taiwan . Papers in Regional Science , Wiley Blackwell
      • Hasan, S. M. .(2014). Evaluating Effectiveness of Innovation Policy in South Korea and Taiwan through Analysis of Productivity Distributions . ,
      • Hasan, S. M. .(2014). Forest Fragmentation and Clustered Exploration of Shale-A County level Study for Pennsylvania . ,
    • Journal Articles
      • Hasan, S. M. .(2015). Agglomeration economies or selection? An analysis of Taiwanese science parks . , International Regional Science Review
      • Hasan, S. M. .(2015). Regional innovation policy in Taiwan and South Korea: Impact of science parks on firm-productivity distributions . Research Policy ,
      • Hasan, S. M. .(2015). Missing the forest for the trees: balancing shale exploration and conservation goals through policy . , Conservation Letters
      • Hasan, S. M. .(2015). Quality Improvement: A Case Study on Knitwear Cluster in Pakistan . Review of Development Economics ,
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